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boo-yah - The Arrogant America

a much better version of "you're either with us or against us"
What does boo-yah mean? It doesn't mean anything because it means everything. It's a composite of many different sayings rolled into one. But these sayings are thematic in nature.. Basic more generic meanings might include in your face, or hell yeah. But when a U.S. Military person says boo-yah it has even more meaning because the sentiment has a more profound implication like freedom isn't free so here's my payment, live free or die hard, or a strong man stands up for himself but a stronger man stands up for others. See, they understand the only thing necessary for the spread of evil is for good men to do nothing. And for them, that is simply not an option. They are willing to risk it all to stand up to the bullies of the world and fight - especially for others. In fact they relish the opportunity to fight that fight. That does not make them or their civilian supporters war mongers; it makes them honorable men among men, liberators, the ultimate freedom fighters. So they fight. They fight for America. They fight because it's right.
But is America right to fight so often? What an incredibly broad question, by intent. I pose it for simplicity because the answer is as simple as the question. Trying desperately not to sound too arrogant or vain I offer the answer: yes. Always? No. But with such regularity as to boggle the imagination. Oh, there are clearly defined reasons which I will exacerbate on below. But let's first review.
America was right to expand in its infancy, despite the hardships it brought to our own indigenous peoples. To be a powerful enough beacon of light and truth and justice in an dark and unjust world, America needed to be of sufficient size to have an impact beyond its own borders, to effect and affect those outside our bubble. America is free, has been a land of free peoples since it was old enough to crawl out of the slime which was the world at its inception. We fought our own brothers in a great civil war to bring that freedom to those we had ourselves earlier enslaved. We fought our own people in the civil rights movement to finally bring that freedom in more practical and applicable form to more of our people against even the overwhelming wishes of localized communities. We fought around the globe to bring that priceless freedom to our European, southeast and northeast Asian, Pacific Islander, and Mideast brothers of all nationalities, cultures, colors, and religions in not one but two great wars in the twentieth century. We fought with the Russians and Chinese as they fought against their oppressors, then against them as they sought to enslave their neighbors. We fought against the cruel Japanese empire of the mid twentieth century as they sought to enslave all of Asia. And we were right to do so.
We fought against peoples of our own skin color and religion in eastern Europe to bring freedom to Muslims. We fought against peoples of our own skin color to bring freedom to Muslims in the middle east despite their embracing of the fascist regime that threatened to devour them. And now we fight against them collectively in that region as they seek to devour those who dare attend a church different than their own. And again we are right to do so.
Why? We are one of the very few peoples on this planet who have been free since our birth, and we deeply understand the value of that freedom. Real freedom is not free; indeed, it carries a very high price. And we send the very best of our best, over and over again to the four corners of the earth in an effort to bring that freedom to all who dwell on this planet. Why? Because only through real and engulfing freedom can this world even be what it should be, ever achieve what the human race is capable of.
We fight. We fight for right. We have never, despite what our detractors say, fought to occupy or conquer, to root and pillage. We always fight to liberate. And that point is so overwhelmingly key, for it is this cause that places us firmly on hallowed ground, rooted firmly in the right. It is also why our allies and enemies change from generation to generation. It is not our philosophy that changes. Am I arrogant? Damn right I am. I have reason to be. I have reason to be proud of my heritage, our history, our efforts - in the past and in the future. If you seek to oppress, forcibly assimilate, conquer, obliterate, or enslave others, know this: you too shall eventually feel our might for we will not cease in our attempt to bring freedom to every nook and cranny of this planet. And in the end we will always succeed for right makes might, and not the inverse. Join us in the never ending fight for truth and justice and freedom, or grip tight your hatred and your guns - for you will need them.

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