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The Miseducation of Faarooq

The Miseducation of Faarooq
....Supposing there are in fact a few that with clear conscience and no alternative agenda could actually oppose the removal of a brutal dictator and terrorist, let them counter this argument.
....It is only from a place of sublime and serene comfort that one could so callously dismiss the suffering and oppression of so many, for so long, and favor instead their oppressor. We, as Americans, can and should cherish our seventh-graders peacefully protesting for the safety of their pen pals from Iraq. The ignorance and bliss of our secure, safe, well fed, and educated children is a source of pride, a shining example of our next generation - our future. But after we tuck them in for the night it is even more right, more just, that we lambaste those that organize and exploit them to further their own agendas and beliefs. Those lost souls have forgotten their role, their place, and their duty. Fortunately there are others both in this land and across the pond that have not. The protectors of the civilized world are doing the impossible as they put aside their individual aspirations, and challenge the evil forces in the world. When the bullies of the world rise up, it is a duty and an honor for good men to knock them back down, for "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing" (Edmund Burke).
....This is not our crusade. This is not our fight. We didn't start it, didn't want it, and didn't ask for it. This fight was brought to us. It is not we who have for generations taught our children in schools and churches to hate all things 'them' at all costs, and to blame all things wrong on a separate, sparse, and oppressed people. And it is not our fault these seedlings are now coming of age and wasting their precious lives in senseless acts of pointless and doomed evil. Thanks to this gross and shameful system of teachings this fight has been thrust upon us, a gift of ignorance and hatred. There must be a new understanding if our children are to have a future. Truth must triumph over treachery. Long lost and once noble aspirations of a now abused belief system must be restored, or the cancerous mutation it has become must be removed from the shoulders of posterity.
....This noble and necessary task will not be easy. There are millions of the indoctrinated ignorant masses that need to be at least marginalized, at most reeducated. The future cannot function as it is now posed. One cannot interact with one-fifth of the world that greets one as friend at the front door, while simultaneously teaching hatred to children in the back room, and funneling money out the back door to murderers. Such duplicity can no longer be ignored for political or other reasons.
....The key to overcoming our enemies is not a complicated one. While others were being taught to hate and fear we in the civilized community were being taught things of a more practical value. Things like reason, tolerance, and diversity are a better mix for prosperity. But war is also taught, only from a different prospective. The goal is not to maim, murder, and inflict gross and inhumane treatment, but simply to win. To this end war becomes simple - for the educated. We will start by eliminating those who pose the most immediate threat, then probably progress to the one thing we want least - policing those who refuse to police themselves. They know who they are, and they are concerned. They should be. There is a reason we are referred to as a super power.
....There are things of this world that are inherently good, right, and just. There are just as many that are equally and inversely wrong, bad, and evil. It is bad to teach any child to hate. It is wrong to see and know of such things yet do and say nothing. And it is evil to spur our children to murder other children to press forth a cause or belief that we ourselves have not the courage or conviction to attempt ourselves. It is right and just to fight against those who come from such an evil seed. And to do so at one's own peril - political, personal, or otherwise - is even heroic. At this moment there are hundreds of thousands of brave souls thousands of miles from their homes willing to fight and die to protect the most basic of human rights and liberties. They come from a host of civilized nation-states from around the globe. All manner of peoples are represented by this coalition, all breeds and creeds, and all religions - except one. What does that glaring fact say to those who are willing to hear the truth?
....Recently there has been the presumption that the Iraqis are fighting so "ferociously" because they have some sense of nationalism in "protecting their homeland." Such sentiment is at best uneducated, at worst ignorant, and needs clarification. First, to suggest that 50,000+ KIA deaths coupled with 9,500 POWS tallied against fewer than 200 from the other side suggests ferocity is naive. Stupidity in tactics like driving buses into armored vehicles and attacking tanks with AK-47s may be brave, but that is hardly consideration for ferocity. And bravery cannot be adorned here, as hiding behind the skirts of women when waging a fight cannot be labeled brave. Secondly, the notion of nation-state is a poor translation in that part of the world. Nationalism is better understood there as part of a religious hegemony. There is a unified call for the "liberation" of Palestinians not because they don't govern themselves, but because they are governed by those of any other faith. There is no similar cry for the Kurds because they are governed (controlled) by the only faith deemed acceptable. This is the home of the only religious crusaders the world has known for several centuries. It is a colonization of religion origins and ambitions, not national or ethnic ones. And it is a policy as doomed to failure as the last crusades, not because of the belligerents themselves but because the cause is just as unjust. But then only the educated can hope to avoid the repetition of historical errors.
....And so the battle has begun. Us versus Them. We would choose to divide the two camps based on things we understand and hold true and valuable - honor, integrity, compassion, tolerance, diversity, understanding, equality, and the hope for a prosperous posterity - a better tomorrow. But that is how we the civilized have been taught to rationalize. But our adversary has been taught a very different message, a very old message, a message of exclusion, intolerance, and superiority. A superiority of religious beliefs instead of race. A message that has to change - or be changed

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