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Obama, the latest Nero?

...Well the littlest emperor, appointed by the supreme court along partisan lines, has been deposed. Our Caesar was so unpopular that the powers that be are not yet powerful enough to kill off the constitutional mandate of a free election. Unfortunately, the dog and pony show that is American politics has placed the blue ribbon on the most untested, unknown, silver-spoon-in-mouth dung slinger (lawyer) in game-show American Idol - style over substance exhibition in the history of this once great land. The new emperor whom I shall label Morpheus, for his political stances (hard to call them stands since they varied from audience to audience and across time), was created by a media machine free from governmental control, but very much a pundit of the dollar king (advertising, ratings). He was then intravenously fed night after night, hour after hour, into the jelly-soft brain of the ignorant masses, particularly our youngest, most naive, and most ignorant citizens, dead and alive, with such vigor and blatant endorsement and support, until his appointment was secure. But that was yesterday. Today the free world has a new leader. But who is he?
...Is he the radical that he has been proved to be associated with, the completely inexperienced newbie that professes, no preaches change? Or the long-established model, polished politician who can shape shift himself to fit the moment and mood of a growingly shallow and unknowing populous? Will he be a world leader or a leader of one nation? Or the mouthpiece for one party? That at least would effect some change. After almost falling off the right side, a hard steering to the left for the next four years would do this country a lot of good.
Will this second emperor, the great chanting orator, gain enough power to finally set aside an open (relatively free) press, or that nagging document that we have butchered forty-something times thus far, and abolish the little man's say to the point elections are reduced to the media-supported endorsement circuses controlled by the rich and powerful elite (corporate sponsors) like the ones in other supposed and so-called democracies?
There are so many questions as to what next they can hardly be addressed here in anything short of novel form. So I jump straight to the near future, when the masses wake up to the reality they have been duped, fed cake when they needed meat and potatoes, and ask them as the ship America drifts further towards the edge of the world: Feel stupid yet? If not, wait for it; it's coming. But don't worry; it's not important. Only today forward matters. And I am fearful of tomorrow. Fearful of the effects of the impending depression and the growing strength of our enemies, sure. And more fearful of our own collective national inability to recognize or address these facts. But fearful most that the man that is supposed to lead us through these treacherous times is nothing more than a young, inexperienced, untested elitist lawyer whose only established modus is his inability at personal character judgment over long periods of time. Jeeze. Now that's scary.
Let's all pray (while it's still allowed) I'm wrong. I have been before. Let's hope this political pundit, this front man for his party, can grow into the role, and be what he has convinced so many he already is, and not be the man he has thus far proven he is. -was? Let's all hope our collective judgment of character is better, was better, than his has been for the past twenty years. I have never wanted to be wrong more in my life. For if this man deserts out allies, and cloaks America in an isolationist veil as our enemies abroad gain strength (more on this), our Rome shall too burn. Does Obama play the heart?

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