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F*ck You Too - A Patriot's Rampage

   F*ck you too? Why use the "F" word at all? How about because I can. It's called freedom. If you object to my using the word, why are you here? Reading this? The word F*ck can be used in so many ways comedian George Carlin once did an act about all the possible uses of the word (read more here). Like it or not, it's above all an attention getter. And isn't that what a headline is supposed to do? I used it here to get your attention, and like I said, because I can. No secret morality police are going to come in the middle of the night and take me to jail and beat a confession out of me. America is not an Islamic country. Some may object and even complain, and to them I say God bless them, or F*ck 'em. You pick. I'm glad they are free to complain, even in writing to this web server if they feel that need. And if this web hoster decides to close my site, I say God bless them. Or F*ck 'em. You pick. I am always free to transfer my site elsewhere, just as they are free to decide what they will or won't allow within their domain. All that having been said, just why did I try to summon you here? What do I want to rave about? Just this: It's the loss of freedom we tolerate, the censorship we not only allow but often applaud or even employ.
   The un-American stories I'm reading on a daily basis lately have me pulling out my hair. Black teachers taking black kids, and only black kids, specifically excluding others, on a field trip. Kids being sent home from school because they wore tee shirts or bandannas with the American flag on them during cinco de mayo week in California. WWII American veteran soldiers being told by housing communities not to fly the American flag. Hollywood being afraid to touch any topic that does anything Islam takes offense to, and cowering before threats, suppressing free speech by artists. Enough is e-F*cking-nuff!
   I'm glad Hispanics are proud of their heritage and I support their celebration day, and their right to it. But that really doesn't matter. They don't need my permission or consent to do so. But if they think that a non-Hispanic wearing an American symbol instead is conflicting or derogatory then I say F*ck 'em! And if they want to support "gang" war against those persons, then I say they are not patriots, they are thugs. And if they want to use violence to suppress my freedom, or those students, then I say more than F*ck 'em. I say 'to arms!' You want to actually fight about whether I can or can not wear an American symbol? Fine. These colors don't run.
   And that black teacher. I'm sure his heart was in the right place. Most teachers' hearts usually are. But I wonder what he would think or say if a white teacher took white kids, and only white kids, on a field trip to visit any one? As an educator he should have had the intelligence to see the potential backlash his endeavor would cause. Public schools are publicly supported by public funds and taxes and are therefore subject to strict adherence to laws regulating segregation, tolerance, inclusion over exclusion, diversity, and the list goes on and on. What was he thinking? Or was he thinking at all? What should be done with him? Nothing. Aside from perhaps a good talking-to by an administrator pointing out to him what I'm pointing out to you here. If, however, he wants to fight about it, to defend his actions, then I say F*ck him. Fire him. If after closer examination he can't understand what he did was inappropriate then he has no business teaching our youth. If he wants to actually fight about whether it's ok to practice racial exclusion I say F*ck him, let's fight about it. These colors don't run.
   What about that WWII veteran. Let's just say thank goodness no one actually tried to forcibly remove his flag. I'm sure he could have handled that situation all by himself. God bless him. And kudos to the housing community for coming to their senses in that one instance. But  if they try to do likewise in the future then I say F*ck 'em. And if they try to force their will on other free Americans I say 'to arms!' If they want to actually fight about whether someone can or can not fly the American flag I say... fine. These colors don't run.
   I saved Hollywood and the mainstream media for last on purpose. I understand the Muslim way of thinking far better than most Americans. How? Because I can read, and I know my history. Why? Because I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer. Islam is the ultimate thug religion. Just as Catholicism was two thousand years ago, and Christianity was one thousand years ago. Maybe Islam will one day too take a chill pill and quit trying to forcibly assimilate or exterminate all who believe otherwise. But until they do they should be confronted on every front and at every opportunity. Southpark should be free to depict Islam's prophet as any offensive thing they choose, including a pig, or goat, or Nazi, or anything else they choose. Islam sure has no problem depicting Christians, nuns, Jews, or anyone who happens to go to another church, or worships another god, or no god at all, as evil, and in the most vile methods possible. But Southpark sarcastically and satirically depicted him as a teddy bear. Oh my gawd! The horror! Did the Islamic world call for a boycott of the show or the network? Did they pull sponsorships? No. They threatened the network, the shows creators, and Hollywood in general with violence. And how did the network and Hollywood in general respond? They banned the episode! Censured and banned the show! They countered the bully's threats with whimpering submission. I will not. If Islam wants to try to force their will on me or other free Americans I say 'to arms!' If they want to actually fight about whether someone can or can not show or depict their prophet in any light, positive, negative, realistically, or comically, I say... fine. These colors don't run.
   I'm an American first. My ethnicity comes second. I don't want to fight for my freedoms or yours. But I have, and I will again. These colors won't run...

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  1. Well ummm... that was a nice speech about the f word :D