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Piss on the Constitution

Most people have not read the collective works of the included and omitted parts of the Bible from cover to cover, or read all of Shakespeare's, Socrates', or Plato's works, and for similar reasons. They are so dated the language is hard to follow, and the symbolism so intense the storyline is often hard to understand. And it is such a shame for all are remarkable reading. But most persons have read or heard Martin Luther King's I Have a Dream speech, or Abraham Lincoln's inspiring Gettysburg Address - two of the greatest prose of individual modern men. But there is another document, collectively written, that was meant to change the world. The greatest story ever told. It is a tale of what the future should be...
Our founding fathers were truly remarkable men, by any standard. Drunkards and Creationists one and all, still they left individual religious beliefs and practices open for personal selection. They created an amazing document that spelled out privileges, rights, and even god-given guarantees of protection to some ideas and ideals that were generations ahead of their time. In this document the rights of the one versus, with, and relative to others' are spelled out in such detail and with such clarity as to distinguish this document from all others, past and present.
And yet we, the American people and government, have found the need to butcher it time and time again - forty something times. We have stripped away, piece by piece, the intent and meaning and protections so many fought and died to preserve for reasons we justified as modern improvements. Changes to reflect generational alterations in beliefs that often changes back and had to be amended then re-amended.
The constitution guarantees a freedom of religious beliefs and practices. Nowhere in the document does it say "unless such beliefs and practices differ from local or national standards."
The constitution guarantees the right of free assembly and protest. Nowhere in the document does it say "unless a peaceful protest interferes with a business' right to make money" or "but only if you have a permit issued by the local governmental body."
The constitution guarantees the freedom of the press. Nowhere in the document does it say "unless those in power do not like what is printed or said," as many now pose with a "truth in reporting" - meaning their truth.
The constitution guarantees the right of citizens to keep and bear arms. Nowhere in the document does it say "with the approval of the local government" or "with an approved permit" or "but only with arms the government approves of." On this point it goes to the extreme even allowing for the people to bring arms against the government itself should that government fail in its duty to protect and preserve the rights set forth in the constitution. And it does not specify "unless the acting government labels such actions as treason."
The constitution guarantees protection for its citizenry from moneylenders, not allowing them to commit usury (charging more than 25% on a loan). Nowhere in the document does it allow moneylenders to circumvent this protection with compounded annual interest payments that triple or quadruple the total cost of a loan. Nor does it provide for lawmakers to pass special laws that allow moneylenders to charge up to 300% interest for loans to the neediest of borrowers as with the car title for money lenders.
The constitution guarantees protection for its citizenry from unreasonable search and seizure. Nowhere in the document does it say "unless the man with the badge and gun says differently," or "unless the ones to be searched do not know and fully understand their constitutional rights."
And the constitution guarantees the right of citizens to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. And again nowhere in the document does it say "unless you want to marry or have sex with those your neighbor doesn't want you too," or "unless your peaceful non hurtful pursuit of happiness is in disagreement with your neighbors or local governmental accepted standards of normalcy or morality."
And yet all these slashes, these butchers' swipes have occurred, and will continue to occur. And they have changed this once magnificent document into a plastic covered museum piece of what this country could have been. Let's just make the final cut. Cut open this long forgotten document from its laminated constraints, lay it on the floor of congress and take a collective piss on it - once and for all.

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